Friday, March 11, 2011

Erika Fong

Name: Erika Fong
B-day: Unknown
Erika Fong stars in "Power Rangers Samurai" on Nickelodeon as The Pink Ranger, Mia, whose element is the sky. Her Zord is the turtle. Mia is a confident, sensitive big sister to the Power Rangers. She is so eager to give that sometimes her own needs get overlooked. She considers herself to be a great cook, but you'd have a hard time finding another Ranger who agreed. One thing they can agree on is that Mia is a crucial part of their monster-fighting family.

The role marks Erika Fong's TV series debut. Erika Fong is from Plymouth, Minnesota, and is a fan of the Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Vikings. Erika Fong enjoys listening to world music.

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